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Frequently Asked Questions

1What will my BVN be used for?
To check your credit score and verify your capacity to repay the loan
2Is Arteri an insurance company?
No. Arteri is a health management company. We only work with insurance companies to provide value added services
3When do I get the money after applying?
Within 24hours - 48hours
4How do I get onboarded?
Go to the homepage of the website and sign up
5What happens if a patient refuses to pay back within the agreed period?
First, we only process repayments via an automatic debit mandate on the borrower's account. Default is eventually reported to partner credit bureaus after exhausting all legal repayment avenues
6When do I get paid for the service provided?
Guaranteed payment before or after service is provided
7I do not have a source of income for now, how can you help me?
A Guarantor who can apply on your behalf is required for individuals with no source of income
8Will you recommend clients to our hospital?
Individuals who request financing for procedures, and get approval without any facility in mind, will be referred to our partner hospitals
9Do you offer financing to non healthcare providers?
No, our financing is focused on healthcare providers
10Is your interest rate negotiable?
No, our interest isn’t negotiable. However, it falls within a range.
11What's the maximum loan amount I can apply for?
Individuals, NGN 1,000,000. Businesses, NGN 5,000,000
12 Are you licensed operators?
Yes, we are licensed
13My health business Registration license is not renewed. Can I be Onboarded?
Please provide the old one and commit to working on your renewal
14How Can patients in rural areas access your service?
Through the hospitals in their environs who are onboard with us
15Do you have HMO plans?
Yes, we do. Kindly visit to explore the available plans

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